(ABM Window Cleaning)

Commercial Window Cleaning

How Do We Clean Your Commercial Windows?

The height and difficulty of reach that your windows are at will decid how we will care for them. For the most part if we are caring for a commercial store front and its windows then we will use the traditional squeegee and T-Bar method with a low level ladd
For commercial buildings that have windows greater then 2 stories we almost always use the water-fed pole method. This means that we pump water through various filters and tanks to remove 100% of the total dissolved solids. The pure water we use is literally so clean and sterile that it is not recommended to drink.
Our water comes out of the filters with a positive charge and becomes a powerful cleaning agent attracting any dirt and grime particles that your commercial building has.

Ask Us About Your Commercial Contract Program!

Did you know that glass is actually a type of stone? Glass is a porous material that requires regular maintenance to keep its sparkle and protective qualities.
If not regularly cleaned your glass is at a VERY high risk of being stained. This calcium and corrosion buildup leads to costly commercial window restoration and even glass replacement.
Our repeat commercial window cleaning program not only keeps your windows looking beautiful year round but also includes discounts, depending on how often you want to have clean and attractive windows. We offer our commercial clients a bi-monthly, semi-annual, and annual window cleaning programs.
Call ABM right now and ask about our repeat maintenance programs and the money saving discounts they include. We proudly clean commercial windows in Orange, San Bernardino, and Riverside County!